Need to order flyers? No problem -- Working Family Toolkit is what you need.

Working Family Toolkit (WFT) is a site where you can order flyers for free that you can use in your local union mailings, knock and drops, emails, and more!

You can customize your flyers with your international union logo or specific union logo, you can customize the issues on the flyers, make them front & back to have more than 1 candidate on the flyer, have side informational on voting changes or voting info, and so much more.

Order as little as 1 flyer (only digital pdf download) to send as an attachment or print in-house, or as many as 10,000 flyers that can be mailed right to your union hall (or your home) for free.

First time using the toolkit? Just use the video tutorial to help you with what you need to do. OR you can view our downloadable toolkit guide here.

WFT Tutorial_Small.mp4


Download the sample letter templates and customize them for your local union. You can put them on your letterhead, change the language/add language/information, fonts, etc. Send them as local union mail pieces to your members or use the information in the letter in an email, social media post, text message, and more.

More will be uploaded throughout the Labor 2022 cycle.

local union mail_intro_whats at stake.docx

What's At Stake

Use this letter to send your membership to discuss what's at stake during this election cycle.

local union mail_voting information.docx

Voting Information

Use this letter to send your membership to cover some basic voting information they will need when heading to the polls.

local union mail_voting information.docx

Worker Freedoms

Use this letter to send your membership to cover working people's freedoms they have and will be voting for this election.

Sector Specific Sample Letters

local union mail_sector_building trades.docx

Building Trades

local union mail_sector_service.docx

Service Sector

local union mail_sector_public sector.docx

Public Sector

local union mail_sector_manufacturing.docx


2021 Digital Resources and Templates.docx

Digital Resources & Messaging Templates

Use this guide to help you communicate in the safest way—digitally—this election cycle. Your members will thank you for it.

Please use the samples and templates as guidance for digital communication with your members. All information provided are suggestions, and can be used directly as written, or can be customized and tailored to the needs of your local union and your members/audience with whom you are communicating.

Feel free to add emojis, change, add, or take away language to fit your needs. In combination with this messaging, you should feel free to use our Labor 2021 graphics to help you communicate and plan your communication to your members.

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