Labor 2022 Graphics

Labor 2022 graphics can be viewed & downloaded below. All graphics available that are sized for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok social platforms and their various interfaces (stories, reels, etc.)

Check out our sizing guide below to know which would be best to use for your purpose:

Sizing Guide

  • Facebook Downloads: best used for Facebook posts, website updates, e-mail inclusions.

  • Twitter Downloads: best used for Twitter posts, e-mail banners, and website banners/headers.

  • Instagram Downloads: best used for Instagram posts, website updates, e-mail inclusions, text messages.

  • Stories/Tik Tok Downloads: best used for Facebook and Instagram story posts, Snapchat stories, and cell phone backgrounds.

Labor 2022 Graphics

Virginia's Labor 2022 Logo

Banner sized w/o state fed logo

Banner sized w/ state fed logo

Virginia Election Graphics

Check out this Meme Library with lots of fun election graphics to use! You can browse graphics and search for specific issue-based graphics as well!

2022 Endorsed Candidates

Click the "Download Graphics" button to access the size variety of graphics for each candidate.

Congressional District 1 - Herb Jones

Congressional District 2 - Elaine Luria

Congressional District 3 - Bobby Scott

Congressional District 4 - Donald McEachin

Congressional District 5 - Josh Throneburg

Congressional District 6 - Jennifer Lewis

Congressional District 7 - Abigail Spanberger

Congressional District 8 - Don Beyer

Congressional District 9 - Taysha DeVaughan

Congressional District 10 - Jennifer Wexton

Congressional District 11 - Gerry Connolly

This is a sample of what the graphic looks like.


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