Welcome to the "Voting Info" page, here you will find important voting info and resources including, but not limited to: dates & deadlines on voting, voting forms to register to vote or apply for a vote by mail ballot, view videos & downloadable guides on how to vote by mail, same day vote registration info and much more!


Important Dates for 2022:

  • Early Voting begins: Friday, September 23rd

  • Voter Registration

    • To Vote w/ a Non-Provisional Ballot Deadline: Tuesday, October 17th

    • Same Day Voter Registration Deadline (Vote with a Provisional Ballot): Election Day - Tuesday, November 8th

  • Absentee Ballot Request Deadline: Friday, October 28th - 5 PM

        • You can apply for your absentee ballot NOW

        • Ballots will be sent out by the state

        • Ballots returned by mail must be Postmarked on or before Election day (Nov. 8th) and must be received by the Registrar by Noon on the 3rd day after Election Day - Nov. 11th

  • In-Person Early Voting: Saturday, October 29th & Saturday, November 5th

  • Vote Absentee In Person Deadline: Saturday, October 29th ; 5 PM

  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 8th [Polls open 6AM - 7PM]

Virginia Voter Hotline: (844) 4VA - VOTE (844-482-8683).

Absentee & Early Voting Information


The General Assembly during the 2021 session passed a bill (HB 1968) that Governor Northam signed in March that gave power to localities to begin voting in-person absentee on Sundays starting at the date of early voting in Virginia. Read House Bill (HB) 1968 by clicking here and view the summary & how it was passed/voted on by clicking here.

Currently, localities that have Sunday early voting include:

Virginians may find early voting in-person, applying to vote absentee by mail, "vote by mail" application form, and emergency absentee voting information by clicking the button below.

OR Find Absentee & Early Voting information here: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/casting-a-ballot/absentee-voting/



Click to view/download the Virginia Voter Registration Application; You may also apply online

Remember - Voter Registration Deadline is October 12th



Click to view/download the Virginia Absentee Ballot Request Application; You may also apply online

Remember - Absentee Ballot Request Deadline is October 28th


You may find additional forms to register to vote, apply for absentee ballots, or update voter information by clicking the button below and browsing our selection below.

How to Vote By Mail

Vote By Mail Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Click the video to the right to view/download our very own Vote By Mail Step-By-Step Video. This will help you walk through step-by-step how to go online and apply to vote by mail/request your absentee ballot. *NOTE this video references 2020 election dates - Please refer to the 2022 Election dates until our video edits are up. (updated 6/30/22)

Remember- Absentee Ballot Request Deadline is October 28, 2022 at 5PM


Ballots will be mailed out by the state

Returned ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day (Nov. 2nd) and must be received by Noon the 3rd day after the Election (Nov. 5th)

Vote By Mail Help Guide

Click the document to the right to view/download our very own Vote By Mail Help Guide . This will help you walk through step-by-step how to go online and apply to vote by mail/request your absentee ballot.

Vote By Mail - Video Guide.mp4
2021 vote by mail online guide_.pdf

Vote By Mail: Request to Return Step-by-Step

Step 1: Request an absentee ballot.

A voter can apply online for an absentee ballot. Ballots will be mailed voters starting in mid-September.

Step 2: Starting in mid-September, local election officials will mail ballot to voters who request them.

The State Board of Elections adopted a regulation requiring all localities to mail the ballot to voters in an envelope printed with a USPS tracking barcode. This is intended to allow local election officials to track absentee ballots as they make their way to voters.

**NEW: You will need to provide your own stamp for postage!

Step 3: Mark the ballot.

**Question of Witness Signature: The marked ballot is placed inside an envelope and the envelope DOES need to be signed by a witness.

New Voters: Those voting first-time in a federal election must include a copy of a valid ID with their absentee ballot, or with the initial application.

Step 4: Return the ballot to the local voter registrar’s office.

NEW: Some local voting officials will set up “drop boxes” that will allow voters to drive by and hand off the ballot to election officials without involving the postal service.

UPDATE: Expanded access to absentee drop boxes

NEW: The State Board of Elections adopted a regulation requiring the return envelope containing marked ballots are printed with a USPS bar code, so a voter can keep track of his or her ballot as it makes its way back to local election officials.

Voters can check the status of their application and ballot using Virginia’s Voter Information System.

*images provided by Virginia Public Access Project https://www.vpap.org/visuals/visual/pandemic-puts-focus-voting-mail-update/

Same Day Voter Registration

During the 2020 General Assembly session on the new law / piece of legislation was passed that outlined for Virginia, beginning on October 1, 2022, voting eligible citizens would be able to register to vote on Election day and cast their ballot on the same day.

So, we are sure you have questions about the process, so here are a few FAQs about same day voter registration that we have answers to:

  • Is same day registration new in Virginia?

    • Yes. Beginning with the 2022 General Election, the General Assembly approved
      legislation that provides the ability to register at any time, up to and including
      Election Day.

  • How is this different from how registration has previously worked?

    • Previously, registration was closed for the 21 days before an election; there was
      no ability to register to vote after this deadline. The new law allows registration,
      with limitations, during the 21-day period before an election.

  • What is a provisional ballot?

    • Provisional ballots are used by voters who do not appear on the list of registered
      voters at their polling location. Provisional ballots are not processed by a vote
      counting machine at the time of voting, but rather are subject to approval by the local electoral board prior to the ballot being counted.

  • What happens to my provisional ballot after I vote?

    • The general registrar’s office for your locality will research your ballot to gather
      evidence about whether you are qualified and eligible to vote. The general
      registrar’s office will forward your ballot and the information gathered to the
      electoral board to review and approve or deny your ballot.

  • How will I know if my provisional ballot is counted?

    • After you vote, you will be given a notice with the date, time, and place where the local electoral board will make a decision regarding your provisional ballot. You are entitled to attend this meeting, but you are not required to attend in order for your ballot to be counted. If your registration application is approved and there are no other issues, your ballot will be counted. If your ballot is not counted, you will receive written notice from your general registrar.

  • Who can same day register?

    • Any person qualified to register to vote is eligible. However, if you are already
      registered in a different locality and seeking to update your registration, you may be eligible to cast a non-provisional ballot, rather than the provisional ballot used for same day registration. Your general registrar or officer of election at your polling place can provide further information about eligibility.

  • When can I same day register?

    • Same day registration and voting with a provisional ballot can be utilized after the October 17 deadline to register to vote a non-provisional ballot.

  • Where do I same day register?

    • You may same day register at the office of your general registrar or satellite
      location during the early voting period. On Election Day, you must go to the
      polling place for the precinct in which you reside.

  • How do I find my polling place?

Check out more info on same day voter registration on the Virginia Department of Elections website by clicking here or visit: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/registration/same-day-voter-registration/

As updates and new information emerge about this voting change, Virginia AFL-CIO will keep our affiliates and our members updated on this important and history-making change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can vote absentee?

  • Any registered voter can vote absentee for any reason. A new state law that passed this year and took effect July 1 removed the requirement that in order to cast a ballot by mail before Election Day a voter had to cite a reason from an approved list.

  • What is the deadline to return ballots?

    • Voters are encouraged to mail the ballots at least two weeks before Election Day to avoid delays in the Postal Service.

    • NEW The General Assembly passed a law this year that extended the deadline when mail ballots can be received and still be counted. The law had been mail ballots had to be received by 7:00 PM on Election Day. The new law says any ballot postmarked on or before Election Day must be counted as long as it is received by noon on the Friday after the election.

    • NEW On August 4, 2020, the Board of Elections adopted a regulation that requires election officials to accept a mailed ballot delivered by noon of the Friday after the election, even if a postmark is missing or illegible. The Board determined that the absence of a postmark should be considered an "immaterial omission."