Welcome to the "Voting Info" page, here you will find important voting info and resources including, but not limited to: dates & deadlines on voting, voting forms to register to vote or apply for a vote by mail ballot, view videos & downloadable guides on how to vote by mail, same day vote registration info and much more! 


Important Dates for 2023


Voter Registration

In Person Early Voting:

Vote By Mail:

2023 General Election Voting Information

Who's On Your Ballot : 

November 7, 2023

To see who is on your ballot for the November 7, 2023 General Election, click the button below and select - November 7, 2023 General and Special Elections.


Click to view/download the Virginia Voter Registration Application; You may also apply online 

Remember - Voter Registration Deadline is October 16, 2023 , but voters may register after this day (to register after this date, through Election Day, and vote using a provisional ballot). 

You can also use register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot online using the Citizen Portal.

Absentee & Early Voting Information

Virginians may find early voting in-person, applying to vote absentee by mail, "vote by mail" application form, and emergency absentee voting information by clicking the button below. 

OR Find Absentee & Early Voting information here: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/casting-a-ballot/absentee-voting/   




Click to view/download the Virginia Voter Registration Application; You may also apply online 

Remember - Voter Registration Deadline is October 16th


You  may find additional forms to register to vote, apply for absentee ballots, or update voter information by clicking the button below and browsing our selection below.

How to Vote By Mail

Vote By Mail Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Click the video to the right to view/download our very own Vote By Mail Step-By-Step Video. This will help you walk through step-by-step how to go online and apply to vote by mail/request your absentee ballot. *NOTE this video references 2020 election dates - Please refer to the 2023 Election dates until our video edits are up. (updated 4/27/23)

Vote By Mail - Video Guide.mp4

Vote By Mail: Request to Return Step-by-Step

Step 1: Request an absentee ballot. 

A voter can apply online for an absentee ballot. Ballots will be mailed voters starting in mid-September.  

Step 2: Starting in mid-September, local election officials will mail ballot to voters who request them.

The State Board of Elections adopted a regulation requiring all localities to mail the ballot to voters in an envelope printed with a USPS tracking barcode. This is intended to allow local election officials to track absentee ballots as they make their way to voters.  

**NEW:  You will need to provide your own stamp for postage! 

Step 3: Mark the ballot. 

**Question of Witness Signature: The marked ballot is placed inside an envelope and the envelope DOES need to be signed by a witness. 

New Voters: Those voting first-time in a federal election must include a copy of a valid ID with their absentee ballot, or with the initial application. 

Step 4: Return the ballot to the local voter registrar’s office.

NEW: Some local voting officials will set up “drop boxes” that will allow voters to drive by and hand off the ballot to election officials without involving the postal service.

UPDATE: Expanded access to absentee drop boxes

NEW: The State Board of Elections adopted a regulation requiring the return envelope containing marked ballots are printed with a USPS bar code, so a voter can keep track of his or her ballot as it makes its way back to local election officials.

Voters can check the status of their application and ballot using Virginia’s Voter Information System.

*images provided by Virginia Public Access Project https://www.vpap.org/visuals/visual/pandemic-puts-focus-voting-mail-update/ 

Same Day Voter Registration

During the 2020 General Assembly session on the new law / piece of legislation was passed that outlined for Virginia, beginning on October 1, 2022, voting eligible citizens would be able to register to vote on Election day and cast their ballot on the same day. 

So, we are sure you have questions about the process, so here are a few FAQs about same day voter registration that we have answers to: 

Check out more info on same day voter registration on the Virginia Department of Elections website by clicking here or visit: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/registration/same-day-voter-registration/ 

As updates and new information emerge about this voting change, Virginia AFL-CIO will keep our affiliates and our members updated on this important and history-making change. 

Frequently Asked Questions