Labor 2023 Activist Bootcamp

On July 19, 2023, labor union leaders, members, and activists joined Virginia AFL-CIO for the Labor 2023 Activist Bootcamp held at the IBEW 666 Union Hall in Richmond, VA!

Activist Bootcamp was a fun, all day training session where unions and their members from across the state joined together to learn the ins and outs of the Labor 2023 program.  Brand new to seasoned activists joined us and learned so much about what was in store for this year's program. 

Activists spent time learning: 

Whether you were able to attend the bootcamp or not, below we have provided materials from the bootcamp that can be used as a refresher and to help set you on your way to getting your local union involved in the Labor 2023 program.

Labor 2023 Activist Bootcamp Resources

Bootcamp Agenda

agenda statewide training.pdf

Labor 2023 Overview

Labor 2023 Overview.docx.pdf

Activist Training Powerpoint

Share version Labor 2023_Statewide activist training.pptx.pdf

Pre Endorsement Targeted Districts


Senate List of Candidates

senate general election candidates.pdf

House List of Candidates

House General Election Candidate List.pdf